Your turn: hair

What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Do you like going to the hairdresser's?


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 Hi guys,
1.My hair color is blond
2.It's so long for real!!
3.It's verry Strait and soft that its so easy to brush it

4. Yes,To make my favorite hair style:
Step 1.Take out a short hair from YOUR OWN hair.
Step 2.Cover ur eye with  it.
Step3.Do any hair cut with the rest of ur hair.
4.yes i like to go to the hairdresser's

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  1. My hair is brown.
  2. It's long.
  3. It's straight. 
  4. No, I don't have.
  5. Yes, I like. :)
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Hi to everyone!
My hair is long, dark blond and wavy. I like my hair. I think my hair is beautiful when I let it loose. I like going to hairdresser, because my hair becomes even more soft and tidy.


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I have got long,staight, blond hair.
I like to go to hairdresser.

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lt is black . My hair is short .lt is straight . No , l don not . l  don not favourite hairstyle . No , l don not .  l don not like .

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My hair colour is brown.And my hair is summer, i always go hair dresser.because is too hot.
My favourite hair style is brown wavy hair.

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hi, i am from tlaxcala, mexico 
My hair is brown
My hair is long
My hair is straight
My hair style is emo
I hate going to the hairdresser

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hi! my hair is very dark brown (looks like it's black), it's straight but when it's too long they get a little wavy. my favourite hairstyle is ponytail. i don't really hate going to the hairdresser but i have to... :I

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my hair = brown
and my eyes are blue
i from the netherlands and i speak dutch

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My hair is blonde.
My hair is long.
My hair is curly.
I like to wear half of it up and half down.
I don't like to go to the hairdressers because they chop it all off.

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i have medium length brown hair.she is straight,but i love curly hair!!!

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My hair is long,a little bit curly...The colour of it is black~

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Hi, i from Paris (France). My hair is brown, long and curly. My favorite hairstyle is the hair brown, straight and long ! ! And i don't like go to the hairdresser's,but like my hair !!

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I have long, straight and black hair. I love to wash and comb my hair. I never gone to a hair salon becase my mom cut my hair for me but I hatewhen my mom cut my hair. Goodbye everyone!

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  1. I Have Straight Blond Hair
  2. My Favourite Hair Style Is A Mohawk
  3. Yes I Do Like To Go To The Hairdressers
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 *My hair is brown and short
*My hair is straight
Yes I like go to hairdressers

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My hair is black and short.
My hair has verry tight curls.
My favorrite hair style is Taylor swift,s hiarstyle. 

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  • Well I have very beautiful hair.
  • my hair are long till my waist.
  • my hair are straight
  • i like to have hair till my ebbs which are maroon in colour
  • oh!yes!i love to go to hairstylist and get my hair trimed
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 my hair is blond and short. 
my hair is  straight  .  
I don't have favorite hairestyle

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I have short, brown and straight hair. I dont have any favorite hairstyle, but im interested in widows peak ( a hair, what have V or triangle on forehead ).

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My hair has black but when the sun shiny into and it become blond. My hair is long ,one moth my cut it because it too long and it short again. My hair is straight , when i go to sleep, I'm bun my hair and next morning it became little curly. My favorite  hair is long blond and straight hair. when I'm a baby is dream I'm a hair dresser but today I dream I'm a archeology and I'm going to go to Egypt to explore many mystery thing in there.    

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i like my hair.It's long, dark and straight.Everyone tells me that my hair is beautiful!!

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 Hello!My name is Amina.I am from Azerbaijan.But I know english.
My hair is dark brown and long.

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My hair is red blonde with little brown. My hair is long and wavy. 
I HATE GOING TO THE HAIRDRESSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 My hair are:

  • yellow
  • very long.

But I don't like to go to the hairdresser...
     I love my hair!!!

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My hair is dark brown and a little blonde but my hair is short.

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I like my hair in a kipper plait. My hair is a vibrant brown and red. It is very wavy

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  • My hair is brown...!
  • My hair is long....!
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I've got black,straight hair.It's medium lenght.I sometimes go to the hairdresser's.

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 Hi,my hair is black and brown

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I have short and straight black hair, unless i have slept for a long time.
My favourite hairstyle is shagy.
I like to go to hair dressers but i avent gone to one for two years.
5 years

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 hi. I have long, black hair. It is straight. My fav. hairstyle is pony with puff on top. I like going to hairdresser's.

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My hair is gold blonde ! They're very long and staright :) I do have a favourite hair style but I think I'm a bit younger for that. Its not that i dont like going to the hairdresser but Its not that im very into going there :)

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my hair is long, brown with golden highlights and it is straight.   

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my hair is a natural mixture of brown colors
it's curly
it's long
my favourite hairstyle is fish tail braid
i don't go to the hairstylers alot

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My hair is black, wavy, and long

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My hair is black, short and straight. I like black and long hair. I like long and wavy hair.I like going to the hairdresser, because I like when my hair is short.

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 Hi!my hair is short and black.My city is very beautiful. 

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yes,a beautiful
not because they are painful 

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I have brown medium length hair and it is so
PRECIOUS!!! (And beautiful)


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My hair is a little bit wavy.  It's brown, and it's long.

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my hair is short and black

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I've got brown, long and straight hair.I don't have favourite hairstyle.I like to go to the hairdresser's.

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Hi guys! I have a long, black, wavy and beautiful hair but every morning I have to brush it many times to get my hair smooth.

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My hair is long, curly and brown. I have my favourite hairstyle. I like going to hairdresser.

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Hello My Name İs Gamze  My Hair Brown  Straight   Don't  My Favorite Hair Style  Yes I Do I am going to hairdresers

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HI. I am Ari and my hair is Brownish and straight.