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Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

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PrettyPurplePoppy's picture

 I like favourite fruit is Mango. Mango is very sweet and tasty.I eat 1 fruit every day

LadyHelloWow's picture

I like apple, pear, golden kiwi.
but I don't like tomatos because it is sour.

RedOtter900's picture

Hi i eat 1 fruit every day sometimes i eat more fruits my farorite fruit is apple

GoldFogAnt's picture

yes i like fruits my favourite fruit is strawberry,banana,apple and water melon every day i eat 3 pieces of these kinds

PrincessRockBubblegum's picture

 My name Amisha. Iike many fruits.
they are: strawberry

But I MOST of like ORANGE .
I eat 2 oranges for one day.

CyclingVolcanoChef's picture

I like watermalon very much and i love fruits

BlackCold9's picture

 Hi my name is Omar  I like apple and mango.

I eat  one apple and one mango every day.

PrincessSandRhythm's picture

I love fruits.My favourite fruit is cherry and srtawberry. I eat 2 pieces of fruits every day.

BlueMonday600's picture

hello everyone
my favourite food is apple
but ı dont like pineapple

JumpingRed9's picture

Do you like fruit?
Yes, I like fruit.

What's your favourite fruit?
My favourite fruit is banana.

How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?
I EAT 3 or 4 pieces of fruit every day.


FlyingFlyCastle's picture

Hi my name is moni, I like banana. I dont like apple.

SilentPrincessPlane's picture

I like bananas

BlackWowDove's picture

I  like   eat  five   pieces   of  fruit     a   day

DJPaper6000's picture
3.three pieces

HelloRunningTabla's picture
  1. Yes I like  is  my   favorite  fruit     3.four   or    five
DJPianoToday's picture

I like to eat many fruits,but my favorite fruit  is grapes and papayas,I eat there once a week.

RedRapHi's picture

I like fruits .

My favorite fruit is banana.

PaperIcyYoyo's picture
  1. yes,I like.
  2. I like apple.
  3. two piece
FurryAluminium300's picture

yes I like
I like eat apple
i eat 4pieces

DrivingCreatureKitten's picture

yes like a apple ,yesday

DukeDJTrophy's picture

I dont know

AlwaysMayPop's picture

 My favorite fruit is orange ~

HiProudAlways's picture

 Yes,I like fruits.
My favourite fruit is apple.
I eat apple every day.

GoodbyeYellowMobile's picture

 My name is KITTT I like to eat fruit, fruit of my favorite eating apples a day can eat two

GoodbyeRockSong's picture

 I like fruits. My favorite fruit is mango. I eat mango every day.

DJNeverZoo's picture

I like fruit.
My favourite is apple.
I eat fruit every day.

CyclingHarpFolk's picture

 Yes.I really  like to eat fruits. I like to eat

PurpleVolcanoSinger's picture

Yes,I like fruit.
Apple is my favorite fruit.
I eat a apple every day.

DukeTrumpetSaxophone's picture

I like fruit 
my favorite fruit are mangoes.

SkatingAntSpaghetti's picture

 I like fruit and I like strawberry . I eat one pieces of fruit every day

WoodenQuailHead's picture

 My favorite fruit is mango and pear.In summer,I like to eat apple.

SecretWooden70's picture

 Yes,I like fruits. 
I favorite  fruit  is oranges.
I eat a banana.

PrincessBatRing's picture

 In simmer my fav fruits are mango and watermelon
 In winter  my fav is grapes 
 and in all seasons I like Banana,guava,pomgranat,strwberries,raspberries,blue berries,black berries and peaches

PrincessPrehistoricBamboo's picture

 Hello, My name is Alina. I like very much fruit. My favourite fruit: bananas, strawberrys, apples, cheries, plums, mango, pineapples, raspberries, grapes. I eat one orange, three peach, two bananas, three apple.

OddBeachBubble's picture

Yes, I love fruit because it is very healthy and it is very yummy and juicy. My favourite fruit is...well, I can't choose because I like them all! But I really like strawberries. And I li,ke to go strawberry picking in the summer. I don't know how many pieces of fruit I eat thruoghou the day.


PrincessMysticTambourine's picture

My favorite fruit is bananas : )

OddBeachBubble's picture

I like bananas too. There are very yummy. Don't you think so?

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AgentDiamond10's picture

Of course i like fruit . My favorite fruit is watermelon . I do not know how many slices of fruit i eat every day.

SilverLuteKangaroo's picture

I love fruits all of them

LadyCatMagician's picture

 I love fruit

DoctorNightingalePixie's picture

yup! i like fruits and i luv mangoes and pears! i eat 1 mango (in summer) everyday and pears everyday!!   ;)

WhiteBlackRose's picture

Yes. I do.
I like all of the fruits.Excpt pineapple.
I'm not sure how many of fruit I eat every day.

CookingHawkNever's picture

 I like fruits such as citrus.
I eat one pear everyday.

KingTowerElf's picture

I like fruits.
My favorite fruits are bananas, strawberries and watermelon
I don't eat fruits every day but I eat 2-3times a week.

PurpleLeaf70's picture

yes,I like fruits.

I like watermelon and pear.

I eat two pieces.

YellowTablaAmethyst's picture

1. Yes, I do.
2. I like strawberries.
3. I eat 6 strawberries/day.

PrinceKangarooReptile's picture

Do you like fruit? yes
What's your favourite fruit? pineapple, apple, mango, watermelon
How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day? full piece of apple, 10 pieces of mango,10 or more pieces of watermelon

PrincessJewelBallerina's picture

I like fruit
favourite fruit:Mango