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LearnEnglish Kids is the British Council's website for children around the world who are learning English as a second or foreign language. This site has free resources for children to use at home, either independently or with family members or friends. You can recommend activities from this site to children to do for homework, or during school holidays. You can also recommend the Parents section of LearnEnglish Kids to parents and carers of children.

You may use any of the materials on LearnEnglish Kids in your classroom.

  • In the games section you will find online games and activities about topics that feature in many textbooks and syllabuses.
  • In the listen and watch section you will find animated stories and songs especially written for children. Many of the stories and songs have worksheets that you can download and use in the classroom. You will also find videos, and online activities designed to practise listening skills.
  • In the read and write section you will find worksheets that you can download to help children develop their reading and writing skills. You may use these in the classroom. There are also activities in this section that are designed to encourage children to send written contributions to the site.
  • In the make section you will find online activities in which children can create something. There are also arts and crafts worksheets which you can download and use in the classroom. Watch the videos here of children making things.
  • In the explore section children can find help with using LearnEnglish Kids, and with learning English. They will also find a list of links to websites that are suitable for children learning English.

Teachers can find tips for using content from this site on the Teaching kids section of the British Council/BBC website Teaching English.

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