One small world


So many cities in one small world! Where do you live?




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Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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PinkPuma's picture

I live in Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city! Here, we can visit the Cristo Redentor, the archs of Lapa, the Pão de Açucar... And when I look from my bedroom window I just see a wall :(

WowCobraSwan's picture

good !

LadyGymnasticsWow's picture
  • The name of my city is Galati.
  • Yes,there are. There is the  memorial house of Alexandru Ioan Cuza.
  • From my bedroom windows I can see my school.
LadyDJForever's picture

 not bad

FamousTopaz1000's picture

the best song I have heard

SilverBluebellWow's picture

 It's awesome!

OldWooden700's picture
  1. looking good but the wold is so big mmmmm...
AgentCloudSeahorse's picture

It`s a nice song.

AmazingActorRap's picture

There are no landmarks where I live unless a beach counts and I can see a church through my window

LadyPopHi's picture

 not bad :)