Old MacDonald had a farm


What animals has Old MacDonald got on his farm? What noise do they make? Listen to the song Old MacDonald had a farm and find out.



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ProfessorPurpleStar's picture

 This song is  really  a  nice song

VioletFolkNose's picture
  • Yes; I have visited a farm. Cows ; dogs ; ducs; goats ; horses ... . I like horses  because we can ride It .
  • It's a good song for kids .
VioletFolkNose's picture

It's cool .

RockingYoungTiger's picture

question??? is favourite or favorite

MissInternetEarth's picture
Hi RockingYoungTiger,
That's a good question. They are two different spellings of the same word.
The UK English spelling is 'favourite' and the American English spelling is 'favorite'.
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
SilverPianoNature's picture

Once I have visited a farm. I have seen cows and goats there. I like cow because it gives us milk.

BronzeMusicSkates's picture

 The pig is very funny!!!!

ModernTonightSitar's picture

 When I was a little kid I listened it almost every day (and  I love it too now) 

Mikaela (Russia 9 yeas old)

PrincessFashionRhythm's picture

Hi ModernTonightStar,

I am 9 years old. Can we be friends? I am Malaysia kids. Btw i love this song did you love it?

LearnEnglish Kids Member

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