I can sing a rainbow


"Red and yellow, and pink and green ...". Can you sing a rainbow?



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Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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PrincessRapEagle's picture

My favourite colour is  yellow ,  the  duckling \ banana\  lemon \chicken  and  pineapple  is  yellow. 

CreamPopCellphone's picture

It is a crazy song. :D

OrangeDolphinRabbit's picture

My favorite colors are pink and red

LadyBlack99's picture

my favourite colour is blue

LadyDogPlant's picture

The rabbits are really really cute!!!

PurpleMusic20's picture

My frends ım not can't fly Purple music20 now ım can fly Purple music20:))))))))))))))

PurpleMusic20's picture

Yes BraveSailingbone Im PurpleMusic20 My Favourite Color is Purple :)

BraveSailingBone's picture

My favourite is Purple

PurpleTomato40's picture

My favrit colour is blue

MasterPoppy300's picture