Amazing superheroes


What can these amazing superheroes do? Listen to a song and find out!




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Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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i like to watch power rangers and aventure ( super man , batman, flash, hulk, green arrow, green lanter, atlantic man everyone else ) 

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Omg stupid Song

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 wow!that's great song!I like it!

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I love this song

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hi Duchess Mega Wand my name is PrinceWhite4

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Hi PrinceWhite4,
Welcome to LearnEnglish Kids! Do you like this song? I think it's great.
Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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i dont know how you can do it QueenKiteFlower

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 PLEASE HELP ME EnglishLearnKids
I want to add this song to my Bookmarks.How can I do this? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Hi QueenKiteFlower,
To add this song to your bookmarks you can click on 'Bookmark this' under the song (in orange). When you go to your account, you will see the bookmark there.
Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team