Dark, dark wood


There are strange things in the dark, dark wood! Click on the cats to find out what is hidden in the dark, dark house!




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Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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QueenJune99's picture

not scary

KingCoconutComputer's picture

 i though there was a waffle inside the dark dark box

PrincessRockBubblegum's picture

 it is not scary ........

DoctorT-RexTrampoline's picture

That was amaysing.

PrinceWhite4's picture

in the dark dark wood there is a dark dark house and in that dark dark house there is a dark dark room and dark dark room there is a dark dark carboard and in that dark dark carboard there is a dark dark shelf and on that dark dark shelf there is a dark dark box and in that dark dark box there is a ghost hoo hoo hoo! ha ha boo!

SpikeyKoalaBird's picture

 I love this story.

YellowSpellPoppy's picture

It's ok
there are some suspense....nice

DivingReptileTruck's picture

 i like  this site very much

PrincessTrumpetRat's picture

 the ghost is funny not scary.  

PrincessTrumpetRat's picture

I like this story it is veri funny and very beautiful!!!!!!!
ghoost is funny hahaha ___ verry funny ___ h_a_h_a_