How many words can you make in 3 minutes? Use the 16 letters in the grid.

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SilverPlayerUranus's picture

176!!!!!!!!!! Great game!!!!!! I got better!!

PinkWitchTambourine's picture

hello from greece my new score is 123

SilverPlayerUranus's picture

Hi my new record is 143!!!!!!!!! hurray

PinkWitchTambourine's picture

 hello my new score is 127!!!

PinkWitchTambourine's picture

 hiii my new score is 103 is very nice score

PinkWitchTambourine's picture

 hello my score is 63 in my first time!!!

SpikeyTopaz7's picture

I'm actually American and English is my first language...and I only got 61. That's a tad bit disappointing. 

SilverPlayerUranus's picture

Hi again!!! I am getting better!!! Today I got 122!!!! Keep trying everyone!!!

PurpleMusic20's picture

My family and me :299

LordSnailDinosaur's picture

Sorry my  friend from Greece . Now my new score is 135.