Haunted house


Dare you enter the Haunted House? Can you find the things you need for your magic spell?

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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AwesomeMetal100's picture

 is so funny!

PinkForestMummy's picture

 i was surprised after seeing the skeleton .  HAH !  but the game was so boring !

LadyT-RexAluminium's picture

You can't call it haunted house 

VioletOrchestraRock's picture

 OH! I'm scary it.

MagicalTrampolineEgg's picture

 very boring

PrinceTuneJungle's picture

very interesting game.i like it

OrangeSongBook's picture

 it was very scary but i managed to play because i am not afraid

PrinceTuneJungle's picture

 I like this game.

WildRuby1's picture

that narrarator was creeepy.Everything was easy but, i am quite devilish so, I clicked on everything.

BluePlayerZoo's picture

this game is boring